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Jim'll Fix It's Journal

17th March, 2002. 7:50 pm. bo jim(bumblywitch)

hi jim old buddy old pal
thought i'd write something here coz it's kinda empty - and as i've fixed that for you please could you fix it for me to discover a cure for boredom?
i reckon i could make a lotta money...

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3rd March, 2002. 1:00 pm. dear jim(bumblywitch)

i have always wondered what it must be like to live in reality. it seems like everything that happens in my life and the lives of my friends is straight out of the neighbours set. please could you fix it for me to have a reality check and quickly before i find out that the poodle across the road is infact my mum.
extra love for this complicated task.

Current mood: worried.

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2nd March, 2002. 9:31 pm. Dear Jim,(nspatty)

I like to write poems. My friends like to read them. I like to use Live Journal. But now I've found a problem. LJ won't let me indent my lines. I use a bunch of spaces either. I'm currently using:
------ This method
Do you have a way that I can fix this?
Thank you,
Pat Mackie (17)

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24th February, 2002. 10:11 pm. please Jim(iceash)

Dear Jim

For the last 4 years their has been this girl (a complete babe!) that I have had the pleasure to get close to over the internet, She is a total utter babe and was wondering if ya could make it possible for me to go on one date with her as it would be a total Honor, to do this.

so can ya make my dreams come true

always in ya debt

Current mood: cheerful.

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24th February, 2002. 2:38 pm. dear jim(bumblywitch)

i know it's a dodgy thing to be asking for, but i was wondering if you could fix it for me to commit murder unpunished. i feel that if i was given the chance to kill or somehow remove the vocal chords of that woman from mistique who i think might just be a man, i could do some real good to the music industry. i know it's a strange request but it really would be a dream come true. lots of love, bumbly.

Current mood: predatory.

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24th February, 2002. 9:07 am. Cure For Road Rage(daz71)

Dear Jim,
I have lived in London for all my life and spent most of my driving years stuck in traffic around our fair capital. Tube and rail strikes, ever increasing bus lanes and road works are enough to drive a person mad. Not being one to take my anger out on fellow drivers who are also in the same hell as I am I would like it if you could fix it for me to spend a day 'banger racing'. I'm sure that a day of driving without due care and attention would help relieve a lot of stress and allow me to return to the streets of London a much calmer driver.
Many thanks,
Darren (Age 31)

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23rd February, 2002. 6:28 pm.(surreylass)

Hello! Welcome to the Jimm'll Fix It community! Be sure to check out the rules of how to submit a letter on the user page... and remember, be good kids!

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