kath (bumblywitch) wrote in jimllfixit,

bo jim

hi jim old buddy old pal
thought i'd write something here coz it's kinda empty - and as i've fixed that for you please could you fix it for me to discover a cure for boredom?
i reckon i could make a lotta money...
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jimmy boy? dead?


April 3 2004, 18:42:09 UTC 12 years ago

Hi, I am an administrator at a forum called funkyfrogforums. The whole site revolves around fun, games and friends. When I run across a journal that seems like the person would enjoy a site of fun people such as ours ... I stop to give an invite. If you would like to check us out the address is http://www.funkyfrogforums.com
My name at the site is ~MizWiz~
Hope to see ya there!
OK your looking for a boredom release
you so need to check out imacommentwhore
those guys are crazy and some times you can be commenting your arse for for ages